Membership & Download costs
‘The membership level required to access each resource is highlighted underneath it and shown as either ‘Trial Member’ or ‘Paid member’. Individuals trialing the resource for free can only use ‘Trial Member’ resources and will not be able to gain access to any ‘Paid Member’ resources. When registered users (paid up) click on a 'Paid Member' resource, it’s Download Cost (expressed in credits) is automatically deducted from their weekly budget.

When a user registers then they are allocated a budget of 18 credits. This credit budget is automatically refreshed each week (every Sunday). The current budget is shown on the right hand side of the page when members login and indicates the number of available credits remaining at that point. The automatic refresh facility will expire 12 months after registration unless paid membership has been renewed. Note: Only teachers/youth workers employed by your school/youth club are permitted to use your login details to access Operation Smoke Storm. Please be aware that sharing your login details with any individual outside of your establishment will not only reduce the number of times you can access the resource yourself but may even result in your access being terminated.

Flash Player & Sound level check
Use this video to check sound levels and ensure that the correct Flash Player is installed to run Operation Smoke Storm. Run Test.

Running sessions
If you have never run this before then click on the 'Run Test' link above to ensure that your computer is properly set up.

Free Trial Resources:
1. Click on ‘FTR TEACHER NOTES’ and then print document (use to guide yourself through ‘TRIAL SESSION 1’).
2. Click on ‘FTR STUDENT BOOKLET’ and then print document (gives an idea of what students need to complete during the PAID SESSION 1).
3. Click on ‘FTR SESSION 1’.

Primary or Secondary School Resources:
1. Click on ‘Run Test’ link above (adjust sound levels and check that your computer can play the flash video sessions ok).
2. Click on 'TEACHER NOTES' and then print document (keep Teacher notes for yourself).
3. Click on 'STUDENT BOOKLET' (photocopy enough so that each student has a copy).

Further help
Click here to access our frequently asked questions.