Operation Smoke Storm has now moved!


Operation Smoke Storm can now be found at our new website:


Click on the link below to login to the new website using your  existing username
(or email address
but you will need to enter the new  password ossrio2016 which you should change the first time that you login.


Please remember to visit  www.operationsmokestorm.com  to gain access to our resource from now on.

Please be aware that updates have been made to the Teacher Instructions and Student Booklet so we recommend that you print them from our new website.

Welcome to Lockin Learning – the home of interactive education. Here at Lockin we recognise that truly effective learning comes from inspiring and energising individuals to move beyond a state of passive listening to one of enthusiastic, active participation.

Through a fusion of unconventional ideas, quality film and motion graphics Lockin uses the latest in multi-media technology to deliver highly effective learning resources around specialist subjects, which capture student interest and help teachers and trainers achieve outstanding results. This approach combines individual reasoning, problem solving, and group collaboration activities, thereby affording students greater control over how they choose to take on board information for a more active and effective learning experience. Such an approach encourages students to formulate their own conclusions and consequently stimulates greater knowledge penetration and changes in attitude and recall.

‘Ease of use’ for learners and teachers is at the heart of everything Lockin creates! Our innovative courses specialise in simplifying the life of any educationalist by enabling them to teach specialist subjects with the minimum of preparation and effort. Great care has been taken by Lockin to ensure that no prior subject knowledge or enhanced technical ability is required in order to operate our courses. Clear step by step instructions are provided to users, which contain strong visual cues in the form of onscreen teacher icons. These icons prompt teachers to read and respond to the relevant section of their instruction booklet and allow for the smooth and confident delivery of any Lockin session.

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